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Our Auto Title Services


Surety Bonds

Mechanic Liens

Add A Bank Lien

Bought on Auction Bill of Sale

Bank & Credit Union Liens

Out-of-State Title Transfers

Abandoned Vehicles

Rebuilt Salvage Titles

Classic Truck Titles

Junk Titles

Non-Repairable Titles

Titles for Export Only

Certified Auto Appraisals

Dealer Sales & Transfers

Auto Title Transfers

Classic Car Registrations

Porsche Titles & Transfers

Titles for Barn Yard Finds

Vehicles Towed in by Police


Credit Union Lien Holders

Classic Car License Plates

Bank Loan Title Transfers

Auto Title History Search

Registration & Licensing

Court Ordered Titles

Estate / Executor Titles


Storage Liens on Classics

Imported / Export Titles

Vintage Motorcycle Titles



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Found a Classic Treasure? dba Houston Auto Appraisers specializes fixing auto title and registration problems that exists in the classic car market. We know with the purchase of a classic vehicle with no title, title incorrectly signed on the back, gray market sports cars, and jump or skip titles can delay you being from able to obtain a title to sell or transfer a classic car.

 No Title – The State will reject your certificate of title application. We can help!

 Our title litigation support team have trained Department of Motor Vehicle title experience with all classic vehicles recognized by NADA and Hemming Motor News. Our title services cover the United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico as well as Vehicles being Imported or Exported that must satisfy the US Border and Protection Agency requirements. Still need help with titling or registering your classic vehicle?



Fax: 1-877-512-2622

We Are The Classic Auto Title Cowboys!

Buying and Selling a used classic car?

Call Classic Car Auto Title Company Today!


Bonded Title Services in Most States



Did the Tax Assessor Collector's office tell you that the used motor vehicle that you purchased is worth more than what you paid for it and they want you to pay the highest tax amount?

 We also provide Auto Title Services including:   

• Vehicles Purchased with NO TITLE

• Bonded Auto Titles

• Dealer Sales, Transfers, Registration & Lien Holder Perfections

• Titles for Vehicles Titles by Engine Serial Number

• Certified Appraisals for Vehicle Title

• Assigned Frame / Chassis VIN Numbers

• Insurance Total Loss Claims

• Titles for Vehicles Sold on Auction Bill of Sale

• Titles for Junk Vehicle / Non-Repairable Vehicles (Brand carries over)

• Stolen & Damaged Classic Car Vehicle Appraisals

• Court-Orders

• We provide Surety Bonds for Vehicles needing a Bonded Title

Clear Auto Titles!

 Classic Autos / Trucks / Vintage Motorcycles / Bus / Tractor / Trailer / Commercial Vehicle / RVs / Motor Homes / Boat Trailers / Heavy Equipment / Oil Field Equipment / Machinery / Vehicle Titles & Registrations.




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